Surplus Space Announces Invisible Landscapes an Exhibition by Daniel Duford and Caitlin Rose Sweet

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Surplus Space is excited to announce the exhibition of new work by Daniel Duford and Caitlin Rose Sweet.

An opening reception for Invisible Landscapes will be held Sunday, April 27th from 6-9pm. The exhibition runs from April 27th - May 17th.”

About Surplus space: “

Surplus Space is an alternative, artist-run project space run by Gabe Flores and Travis Nikolai and is located inside a small Portland, Oregon home. It is an experiment in using the materials on hand to help provide access to exhibition opportunities for interdisciplinary artists with work in direct dialogue with current, unfolding issues of social, and political significance. Central to the home in which Surplus Space is situated is a parlor which acts as a space of discourse. Accordingly, Surplus Space seeks to promote work which is alive and engaged. Surplus Space recognizes the vitality of net based environments in promoting discourse. With this in mind, exhibiting artists will create parallel exhibitions online by provide supporting documents on the web platforms of Surplus Space. We believe that both gallery and website must function as more than a mausoleum for our ideas. Surplus Space’s regular operating hours are Saturdays 12:00-6:00pm or by appointment.”



For more information check out their site and RSVP to their Facebook event for the opening, also while you are on Facebook dont forget to like the MFA in Visual Studies site. A little two birds with one stone action.


Facebook event :

Salt of the Earth, a curated show by PSU MFA student Christopher Freeman and PNCA MFA student MicahSchmelzer, showcases 6 MFA candidates from both institutions.  This group exhibition is a look into the artists’ relationships to nature through means of individual perspectives and modes of making.  These artists explore the ways in which nature displays characteristics of seduction, mystery and illusion through techniques  that captivate our imaginations.  By way of these avenues, each artist has created work dealing with the conversation around nature and our environment in which Salt of the Earth allows for a cohesive conversation amongst pieces.”
Thursday, May 1 at 6:00pm-9:00pm

Some reflections on our NY trip Round #2

One of my favorite parts of the NYC trip was visiting Printed Matter Inc., this amazing store for artist books. I spent way too much time free reading and became really inspired by Bryan Graf’s Wildlife Analysis. This trip lead me to artists I never would have known to look at who are now fueling some of my work. - Annie Oldenburg

It was very insipiring to see a variety of thought expressed through a multitude of mediums - Maria Davidoff

While trudging through the concrete jungle your feet begin to ache and you begin to wonder if it’s even worth the effort. Then you find something that makes you feel like you are weightless and your feet don’t hurt so bad after that. - Nick Patton in regards to the Doug Wheeler piece

Moving from a photography background into moving image has been exciting. Seeing the video retrospective Time::Code at Whitebox Gallery was epic for me and put some interesting ideas into perspective. - Micah Schmelzer

Some reflections on our NY trip Round #1

Over the next few days we are going to post some images/text from the group that went to NY last month. Needless to say it was a blast and brought us all closer and informed alot of the work that we are making. So without further ado:

Meeting with Sean Carney at Essex Flowers was great. He talked about the details behind being part of an artist run gallery space and demystified exhibiting work in New York. And we grabbed a drink afterwards! - Jodie Cavalier

I went to a performance at Dixon Place (off Chrystie street) called “The Secret City.” They meet one Sunday a month, and treat the show like a church service dedicated to performance. “We worship art” says the sign on the door. This month’s theme was Gender. There was no separation between performer and audience. It surely changed my performance life forever. I am going to recreate a show like this in Portland. (with more Drag Kings!) - Katie Piatt

There are a handful of artist that have stuck with me since I have been back from our NYC trip, but one in particular is Heidi Bucher’s pieces at the Swiss Institute.  Moving through the top floor of the gallery between suspended pieces of life size reliefs of walls and doorways was breathtaking.  Being able to investigate up close the incredible details transferred to these pieces is something I am very grateful to have been able to experience.  - Candace Jahn

Standing on the edge of nothingness - Bertrand Morin

Doug Wheeler, “
LC 71 NY DZ 13 DW” (2013), reinforced fiberglass, flat white titanium dioxide latex, LED light, and DMX control
, 771 x 811 3/8 x 219 in (1958.3 x 2060.9 x 556.3 cm) (photo by Tim Nighswander, Imaging4Art) (© 2014 Doug Wheeler) (courtesy David Zwirner, New York / London)


Art Chaos - Jung Minimage

Current MFA in VS graduate candidate Travis Nikolai opens Surplus Space

Check out this new space which the talented Travis Nikolai and Gabe Flores (Place Gallery) have just opened. We are anxiously and excitedly anticipating amazing things from this project and these gentlemen.

Here is a statement about their project and you can find out more about them here:

A couple of really cool links to the work for the LOW show that happened a short time back. Check it out and have another opportunity to see/read about the work.

Interview with the artists :

Virtual Tour of the show :


Evan Isoline, Detail of 'ECCE MONSTRUM', 2014

(via exitnetwork)

PS1 basement and Christoph Schlingensief. #pnca #pncafmainvisualstudies #nytrip

Judith Bernstein, Jennifer Bornstein, Frances Stark at Gavin Brown Enterprises. #pnca #pncafmainvisualstudies #nytrip

Annie, Katie, MJ, Veronica #pnca #pncafmainvisualstudies #nytrip

White box gallery video retrospective. Gil blank in Chelsea. #pnca #pncafmainvisualstudies #nytrip

Studio visit with Molly Dillworth at LMCC. Karla Black at David Zwirner gallery. Peter Coffin at Canada gallery #pnca #pncafmainvisualstudies #nytrip




Contemporary media technologies are reaching large audiences via a ciphered language of spectacle. This language could be seen as a commodification of symbolic forms. The spectacular aesthetic of this fetish-language has led to a globalizing fashion show. This generates an elusive yet transparent sense of the new, the now, the it, which one can neither be with, or without.

In ‘FERAL: FASHION AS METAPHOR’ artist Evan Isoline creates a bricolage of appropriated images and text sourced from high fashion and English Romantic poetry obliterating the cages and decorations of meaning that encase and enbalm the faceless bodies of contemporary fashion.

Tonight First year candidate Evan Isoline is having an opening at Red Fox. Come out show your support and see some great work.

By Mario Gallucci
April 24, 2014 - May 23, 2014

Opening Reception Thursday, April 24, 2014

HQ Objective + HQHQ
233 SE Oak St. #108
Portland, OR

Gallery Hours by Appointment Only.
Contact: Andre C Filipek (415) 497 3104 & Johnny Ray Alt (661) 317-1913

MEATSPACE is an extended metaphor rooted in the phenomenological discussion between real and virtual interfacing. By redrawing the distinctive lines in this contemporary epistemology, rather, between the corporeal (of the flesh), the psychic (of the mind), and the virtual (of digitization), Gallucci interpolates moments of tension, visceral potential, and mimesis in everyday life. With his frantic production ethic and broad toolbox of visual strategies, Gallucci’s MEATSPACE encourages a re-examination of human relationships with everyday environments and objects. This allows the emotional and physical capacity of the viewer or user to be present and reactive.
Mario Gallucci lives and works in Portland, OR, where he is pursuing an MFA in Visual Studies (‘14) at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include Found In Translation at Allied Works (Portland), STEAM at The Art Gallery at University of West Florida (Pensacola), and Performative Ecologies at dc3 Art Projects (Alberta, Canada).
HQHQ is an artist run exhibition and project space located in a renovated office in inner southeast Portland. It was established in April 2014 by HQ Objective (Andre C Filipek & Johnny Ray Alt.)


Gallery 214
April 3-25
Opening: April 3, 6-8pm
About Beard Study

In October 2012 I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. I underwent chemotherapy as a form of treatment, and lost all the hair on my head and my face. I had four months of treatment and recover, and many times grew bored with the copious time on my hands. I started drawing beards to pass the time. 

This project began as something to pass the time while I was undergoing chemotherapy for Testicular Cancer. In October 2012, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, and by late November, as a side effect of chemotherapy, I had lost my beard and all the hair on my head.   

I had a lot of time on my hands, as I stopped working for four months. I eventually grew bored with my copious free time, and started making drawings of beards to replace the one I had lost. I posted a few photos of the beard drawings on Instagram, and was surprised by the positive response. I don’t remember what caused me to bring out my watercolors, but the next thing I knew, I was making lots of watercolors depicting beards. 

This exhibition is a project of healing and reclamation. This is also my first exhibition of paintings, as I have never taken a painting class and predominately work in photographs and video. While my hair slowly returned to my face and head, I continued to produce these watercolors of beards. This exhibition is the culmination of these last 16 months of healing and making.

Alumni show tonight. Check it out.